Visiting a new medical office for the first time can sometimes make people anxious. We understand this and try to provide you with premium healthcare in a calm, confidential setting. We have a friendly office staff that will call you a few days before your appointment to give you a reminder and answer any questions you may have. Below are special instructions depending on what type of ultrasound you are having.

Transabdominal Ultrasound

Your doctor will ask you to finish drinking 4 to 6 glasses of water about an hour before the test to fill your bladder. A full bladder pushes the intestines (which contain air) out of the way of the pelvic organs. This makes the ultrasound picture clearer.


We do ask that you finish drinking 32 oz. of water an hour before your exam time. We understand that this is uncomfortable, but it is essential for obtaining good information for this exam. We promise we will let you go as soon as we can.